Novosexual pride flag

Most recognized novosexual pride flag

A Novosexual, is someone who cannot outright say what their sexuality or gender is, because it is not permanent. Novosexuals are constantly fluctuating between different genders and sexual orientations. How long it may take between the next fluctuation will vary from person to person. Novosexual are only such when their sexual orientation changes along with their gender identity. 

This is not to be confused with the two separate terms of genderfluidness or abrosexuality. If you identify as both abrosexual and genderfluid, you are novosexual.

Novosexuality is different than questioning; questioning sexuality is going through a phase of trying to work out who one is attracted to, whereas a novosexual may feel like and identify as homosexual and agender one day, then polysexual and cis the next, and bisexual and nonbinary another day. What genders and sexual orientations they fluctuate to will vary from person to person.

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