'Fluidflux' is a non-binary gender identity which refers to an individual with a gender that flows between genders, and also fluctuates in its intensity. It is often described as the combination of both genderfluid and genderflux identities. Some fluidflux individuals have described this gender as rather hard to have, as it constantly changes.

one of two fluidflux flags, of unknown orgin. It first seemed to appear on the LGBTA Wiki on November 11th of 2020, inserted by Guccelia

It may also be felt in a way similar to a multigender identity, where someone could feel multiple genders at once but have only one part of that combination fluctuate. For example, one could feel both male and female at that time, but only the female part of it fluctuates.

The other original flag shows pink, purple, blue, and yellow, representing feminine, androgynous, masculine, and non-binary genders. The black line could potentially represent agender. On the bottom half the colors are desaturated, showing how fluidflux people experience varying amounts/intensities of genders.

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