The Attraction Schism is when you have differing sexual and romantic attractions. This is seen more noticeably within the asexual community and with some multisexual people. Example: Asexual Homoromantic or Homosexual Biromantic.

Coined by Tumblr user Mogai-advice and Teacher Sam Buttram.

It's always good to note that if you're not asexual / aromantic and ID with the Split Attraction Model, you experience internalized phobia! If you're Homoromantic Biromantic, you experience internalized homophobia! If you're Biromantic Homosexual, you experience internalized Biphobia! If you're Heteromantic bisexual, you experience internalized biphobia! If you're Heteromantic homosexual, you experience internalized homophobia! There is no good reason to use the spit attraction model if you aren't asexual or aromantic!